Black Friday is no joke

Twenty people were reportedly injured at a Los Angeles area Walmart late Thursday when a woman unleashed pepper spray to keep other bargain hunters at bay. Two others were shot outside Walmarts in the Bay Area and South Carolina reported the Associated Press. Shocking News, but not a Shocking surprize. Black Friday is the day following Thanks Giving day in the USA, traditionally the beginning of the Christmas Shopping season. Recent years have seen retailers extend beyond normal hours in order to maintain an edge, or to simply keep up with competition. Such hours may include opening as early as 12:00 a.m. or remaining open overnight on Thanksgiving Day and beginning sales prices at midnight. Stores (most of which are big chain stores) offer great discounts and people wait for hours before the gates to shop like crazy. The workers are forced to work sometimes without sleep in a very chaotic situation. It has turned into an inhuman experience and sometimes the crowd of shoppers go so out of control it can lead to deaths as one worker once was trambled to death by the shoppers. It is a day that has turned Thanksgiving and Christmas into shopping madness


Can that happen in Greece? ABSOLUTELY! Lets be honest. The economic crisis has already affected everyone. A lot of families struggle to meet the financial demands of the season. Everyone is looking for the best possible bargain and they have stopped asking their children what they want from Santa. He knows what is best for you is the new motto going around. So, lets imagine that tomorrow (and only for one day) the stores in Greece would have 70%-80% sales. Wouldnt you go out and fight in order to get everything you need? I guess you would. Wouldnt you spent your night in front of a store, waiting for it to open, so you could get this new bicycle that your son really, REALLY wants, but you really, REALLY, cannot afford to buy? I guess, you would. Can the financial crisis turn people into animals? Yes, it can. At the end of they day we must remember that we are humans. That our child can live without the new bicycle. We may not have a Thanksgiving Day in Greece, but I am certainly thankful that we dont have a Black Friday either