Two hours in heaven

I dont write often about football here and that is because usually I dont enjoy a game as much, as I would like to. There are a few games though that I found myself being excited about and El Clásico is certainly one of them. Real Madrid Vs Barcelona! Thats why I have decided to write about football today. Because, I simply cannot wait untill the moment I will see those teams on Bernabeus field. I will definitely enjoy calling Jose Mourinho names about his attitude, when at the same time I will admit that he is an amazing coach. I cannot wait to see the hunger in the players eyes and the referee blow his whistle and point to the center spot, after a goal is scored. I cannot wait to see some of the best players of the world like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Xavi giving their best shot in order to prove that they are indead the best!


I am excited because I know that for 2 hours I will be transfered into this amazing world, full of colors, shouts, chants and celebrations. As a person who actually spends many hours of the day thinking, talking and reading about football, I NEED this game. I need to be reminded why football makes people crazy, or happy, or depressed. Why it can take someones mind away from all the every day problems. For 2 hours we will be transfered in Madrid cheering for our favorite team or just enjoying the game! How simple and then again, how beautiful! And If Barcelona win, I will be even more happy. So, Vamos Barça!