A tough call

*Του Τζέιμι Ρέντναπ

Ο  Τζέιμι Ρέντναπ γράφει για τον πατέρα του.

The England situation is very simple right now; the FA has said they will draw up a shortlist and go from there – it’s by no means a foregone conclusion that my dad will take over.

More than ever now he has to do the right thing for him. It’s not a case of because it’s England he has to take it; it has to be what is best for Harry Redknapp.

And with what he’s been through in these last few weeks I think he knows that now more than ever.
Harry Redknapp: must do what’s right for him

Harry Redknapp: must do whats right for him

The England job comes with more pressure than any other job in football. Most of the time the England manager has been the best manager around at that time and they’ve all struggled. You have to ask yourself why?

There must be some reason because they’ve all been top managers. That’s something he’ll have to think about. He’ll have to ask himself if he thinks he could do it any differently.

And at the moment I know he’s very happy working for Tottenham and they’ve shown him great support during his trial. The chairman Daniel Levy has been fantastic to him and every day there was some from the club at the trial.

I’m sure the FA would like him to take over. He has the experience, everyone likes him and, of course, he’s a top manager. But there will be a lot of other managers that they’ll be looking at, too. I’m certain of that.

I think they’ll go for an English manager this time, or at least choose someone who is able to speak the language fluently.

That, I think, was the problem most of the players had with Fabio Capello. His grasp of the English language was poor, so it was always difficult for him to communicate with them.

A lot of people have said they were surprised at the timing of his resignation, but it didn’t really come as a great shock to me. As soon as he spoke out against the FA his position just became untenable.

And once the tabloids got their teeth into what he said about John Terry being stripped of the captaincy, it was an absolute certainty that they were going to want a new manager.

That’s unfortunate for Fabio Capello, but I don’t think this will be one of those cases where we look at it and go ‘how are we going to recover from this?’.


His legacy isn’t one that we will look back on with any real fondness I don’t think. He did OK, but that’s about it. It won’t be deemed as a complete failure either, though, because he did get us to two major tournaments, but the World Cup was major low point.

I think he got the tactics wrong and we didn’t seem to know what our best formation was. It never sits right with me when I see Steven Gerrard playing out on the left wing as he was asked to in South Africa and that was just one of the issues.

He’s obviously a very good manager, there’s no denying that, but I never really got the impression that the job meant everything to him, which is why I do think it’s the right time to have an English manager in charge. And I’m not just saying that because of my dad.

As it stands he just wants to get on with his life. It’s going to be a tough few days for him now, because all he really wanted to do was to get back on the training field and concentrate on football matters.

That said he’s always a bit stressed and I think he actually quite enjoys a bit of stress in his life! He wouldn’t drive up from Bournemouth to London every day otherwise!