Corrupted Football Mechanism in Turkey

Since the beginning of the match fixing scandal in Turkey, we have appealed to you many times. We were trying to warn the world football community that the scandal was being covered-up by the politicians, Turkish Football Federation, clubs that are under investigation and the media.


The first stage of this operation is saving the clubs involved in crime. Turkish Football Federation (TFF) amended Football Disciplinary Regulations Article 58, the clubs will not be severely punished on charges of match fixing. Match fixing crimes are officially described in Turkey but NOT punished proportionally by TFF. There is a corrupted football mechanism in Turkey. Match Fixing is legalized by diluting 58th article of Disciplinary Regulations.


As you are aware, the Court of the Match Fixing case in Turkey announced the verdict regarding the detainees on 2 July 2012 and found several board members of different clubs, players guilty in Turkish Super League for the 2010-2011 season.


This final step is another disgraceful attempt against the universal ethics and codes. The penalties for such crimes that undermine footballs spirit and its future should be harsh and applicable to all, as no one is above law. Recently enforced in Greece, Switzerland and Italy, these disciplinary measures have to be same for all member countries to ensure a fair football environment.


The disciplinary code and zero tolerance policy of UEFA and FIFA is clear. But neither UEFA nor FIFA has acted in any concrete way other than impact-less warnings and announcements. We are disappointed in the inaction of UEFA and FIFA which is casting a great shadow over the football in the world. After bribery scandal in FIFA, Turkish football fans are worried about whether UEFAs zero tolerance policy would be sacrificed to money.


If UEFA and FIFA do not fight against such illegalities, corruption and criminal acts, one day it is going to be too late.


Please hear our voice. Turkish Football Fans want clean football.